Vaillant Air Source Heat Pumps


Vaillant Air Source Heat Pumps

Next Generation Vaillant Air Source Heat Pumps in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Central Scotland.


The Vaillant air source heat pump range uses industry leading technology to deliver efficient heating solutions. BlueTech Energy in Glasgow, Scotland provide end to end consultancy, supply and installation services for the entire Vaillant air source heat pump collection. Contact us today for more information or a free no obligation energy assessment.


Vaillant Air Source Heat Pumps


A Vaillant heat pump constantly moves heat from one place to another, ensuring that a whole area is kept warm. Air source heat pumps represent the latest technology advances in energy efficient heating. The Vaillant heat pump uses the air from the outside to heat your home. By constantly moving the heat from one place to another the Vaillant heat pump not only generated heat but are also energy efficient. Heat pumps in Scotland have an efficiency between 250% and 450%, depending on the design.


The Vaillant Air Source Heat Pump Range


Vaillant air source heat pumps are an energy efficient device that transfers heat energy from the source of the heat, moving the thermal heat energy in the opposite direction. This warm flow of heat is used to heat an entire room or home.

Vaillant heat pumps will lower your fuel bill, saving you money. An average sized home would typically pay an average of £1000 or more for their energy bill. Most of that figure being the cost for heating.Investing in a Vaillant aircourse heat pump can cut costs up to 65%. Which in the long term will make a significant difference to your pocket.





Five models available – aroTHERM Split 3.5kW, 5kW, 7kW, 10kW and 12kW

  • Easy installation – Designed with improved transport and handling so it can be installed and commissioned in one day
  • Sound safe system – Exceptionally quiet operation allows for flexible siting options
  • A++ ErP rating – Highly efficient for lower running costs and higher RHI payments
  • Modulating performance – Automatically adjusts power to maintain comfort and optimise efficiency
  • App based proprietary control – With installation wizard for easy set-up and weather compensation as standard, all controlled via a mobile device, when installed with the VR920


aroTHERM 5kW, 8kW, 11kW and 15kW HEAT PUMPS



  • Blue fin coated evaporator as standard - Corrosion protection and water repellent to increase the product life time and efficiency. Helps prevent water ‘sticking’ to the evaporator which can lead to ice build-up making the heat pump go into de-icing. Extra corrosion protection against saline (salty) environments increasing the life of the evaporator
  • Tray and Trace Heater - Ensures a quick de-icing even in the most extreme weather conditions. The 30 watt heater comes on when the heat pump is in de-icing mode to make sure that any water running off the evaporator flows freely from the heat pump
  • Inverter driven technology - Modulating compressor - Heat pump only works as hard as is required to heat the property giving increased system efficiency, lower running costs and a longer lasting appliance
  • Low sound power levels from 58 dBA on the 5kW
  • High quality you expect from Vaillant - Precision German engineering, built with quality at its centre as well as operating in conditions down to -20°C
  • Monobloc hermetically sealed air-to-water heat pump - Quick and easy to install, with only electrical and water connections required most importantly there is no need for F-gas qualifications for installation
  • MCS accredited (may qualify for government incentives)
  • Solid case design with inbuilt anti-vandalism measure
  • ErP rated A++ when installed with the VRC 700




  • Two models available – aroSTOR 200 and 200 litre
  • Flexible siting options – A small footprint and range of 360° air duct accessories offers flexible options for siting of the appliance
  • Highly energy efficient and reliable – Gives high COP of >3.19 and best possible ErP label of A+
  • Controls – Comes with integrated control
  • High quality material and components – Stainless steel tank comes with a five year warranty (two years for other components)
  • Extremely quiet operation – Advanced insulation and use of rubber on the compressor for quiet operation
  • Hot water on demand – Self-managing hot water comfort with electric backup heater for hot water boost (and Legionella protection)
  • No additional measurements required on site – Completely stand-alone hot water solution
  • 1.2kW titanium electrical back-up heater – Titanium is a more corrosion resistant material than copper whilst is also more resistant to calcium build up, giving excellent lifetime performance and reliability
  • Easy transportation – aroSTOR is top heavy so we deliver it in a strong bag that is easy for two people to carry


Further Information


Hopefully we have highlighted the range of Vaillant Air Source Heat Pumps and have shown why it is a great choice for households looking to efficiently manage energy usage and enjoy a better standard of overall comfort. Get in touch if you need advice about what you should do to take the next step and adopt renewable energy for your home or business.

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