How To Reduce Your Energy Use In Glasgow


How To Reduce Your Energy Use in Glasgow


There have been many alarming headlines about global warming and the environment of late, and this has lead to many people thinking about their own carbon footprint. From the foods you eat to the car you drive, many things make an impact on the environment, but one area where you can make a big change is in your home. By looking for an energy saving company in Glasgow, you can find appliances and other solutions to make your home not only cosier, but also more environmentally friendly and cheaper to run. Here are some things you can do at home to make your carbon footprint smaller.


Firstly....Get rid of draughts!


The cold Scottish weather can mean local homes suffer from uncomfortable draughts. Even on relatively mild days, you may notice a cold chill coming through the house, which means you need to turn up the heating. An easy way to solve this is to identify the source of draughts and patch them up, with solutions such as cavity wall insulation in Glasgow making a big difference. Some other ways you can draught-proof include:


  • Using draught excluders at the bottom of doors
  • Replace old UPVC windows with newer units
  • Use a draught-proof letterbox
  • Have your roof inspected before the winter months
  • Ensure your loft insulation is properly installed
  • Use renewable energy sources


Despite many green options, we still rely heavily on fossil fuels, but you can switch your home to renewable energy with a few upgrades. Installing solar panels in Glasgow is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint, giving you a green way to heat your home, power your appliances, and get hot water. Solar is becoming an increasingly popular choice for Scottish homes as there are many grants available, meaning the panels soon pay for themselves.


Replace old appliances


From fridge freezers to boilers, appliances have become more energy efficient over time, and so keeping hold of old appliances could be leaving you with a big carbon footprint. Looking for electric boiler installation in Glasgow can mean you upgrade your energy efficiency rating, and products such as modern storage heaters can not only cut your energy bills, but also make your home eco-friendlier.


Keep things cosy


Keeping your home cosy means you use less energy to heat it, therefore cutting your carbon footprint and creating a greener house. For example, adding the right insulation, combined with underfloor heating in Glasgow, can ensure your home is warm and comfortable. Underfloor heating is also great for smaller spaces, or sleek, open-plan homes, as it means there’s no need for bulky radiators. At night, close your curtains, and consider adding a thermal layer or blinds to keep the cold out. You might eventually want to look at replacing your windows too, as older windows can leak heat.


Further Information


Get in touch if you need advice about what you should do to take the next step and adopt renewable energy for your home or business. Fill out your details in the form below, call us directly or email us and we will do our best to help you install your next generation renewable energy system.


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