Solar PV is the cheapest and most straightforward way to bring Renewables into your property....

Solar PV

Solar pv works by converting light energy from the sun into electricity. This electricity can then either be used, stored or exported to the grid. Solar pv is particularly effective in buildings that use a lot of electricity during daylight hours such as schools, offices and factories. However, innovation in solar battery technology has made solar pv once again a viable domestic option, even with the recent cuts to the government's Feed-in-Tariff. It is particularly effective working alongside a heat pump to provide a complete renewable solution.

Solar pv is very flexible and can be installed onto almost any roof type or ground mounted. As an MCS-accredited installer, all of our installations are eligible for the government's Feed-in-Tariff, which actually pays you to generate electricity.

Benefits of solar energy?

Suitable for almost any property
Very flexible and suited to a wide variety of applications
Eligible for government's Renewable Heat Incentive and Feed-in-Tariff
Long lifespan (20 years plus if properly maintained)
Lower fuel bills
No fuel deliveries and storage
Zero carbon emissions

Is it for me?

Solar energy can be effectively utilised on almost any property, be it domestic or commercial. If you are keen to go renewable but do not want to make changes to your heating system then Solar PV is definitely the way to go. It is very low maintenance, it will dramatically cut your bills and the power can be utilised in a vast number of ways.


Solar energy is so varied and flexible that providing an accurate cost without detailed information is impossible. It really does depend on your exact circumstances.

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